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Ok, so I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. I didn't do it sooner because I was lazy and figured most of my watchers wouldn't care about.

I'm going to do it anyway whether people care about this or not.

I will also try to give some info so you know the reasons why I contribute these songs to TiPo. I might also put reasons I don't have some songs that most might have expected on here.

Ok lets get this started.

Note: This list is not going to be in an specifc order. I'm just basically going to go through my music and try to remember what songs I downloaded for my TiPo ship.

1. "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink

This like for a married TiPo with both their point of views (because if they weren't married for this song it would feel wrong to me). It's just a big majority of the lyrics to me sounds like what Tigress and Po would say (well at least almost because I can't put my shipping songs as absolutely perfect for my OTP). Just so we're clear this isn't my favorite song for a TiPo scenario of all time. This just happened to be the first one in my song list (because in my song list I only have 2 covers of this song because I don't really like the guy's singing voice in the original as much I wish I did).

2. "If I Never Knew You" (Tiffany Thornton version) from Disney's "Pocahontas".

I picture this from Tigress' point of view (even it can be seen as both views I think it's better suited for Tigress). I like this song for her because this how I picture how she feels about Po (for most of the first half anyway). The last half I kind of see as a what could happen if Po gone with MeiMei. Cause even if she still feels a strong connection with Po she loves him enough to let him live his own life and will always be grateful of what he did for her and everybody else. *sniff, sniff* It's just so bittersweet Waa DX!

3. "Against All Odds" (Phil Collins and Mariah Carey virtual duo version) by Phil Collins

I picture this from both Po and Tigress' view. This is the song where I daydream the scenario of Po ultimately choosing to go along with arranged and Tigress leaving the Panda Village because she was banished from the wedding by MeiMei because of accidently lashing out at Po. MeiMei happened to be around to grab Po in quick timing before Tigress could give him a very deep scar. It didn't leave a permanent scar but Tigress still scratched Po's cheek. Assuming Tigress was trying to kill Po, MeiMei yells at her to stay away from Po and calls her a monster. Tigress was to the point of almost crying for hurting Po, her dearest and most treasured friend. Po wasn't completely innocent in the situation though, right before the impact he realized he went too far with his. But deep down it was all because they were hurting for not taking a chance at revealing their growing feelings for each other. So eventually Po and Tigress have second thoughts and Po leaves the altar while Tigress goes back to the village because it's a chance them have to take.

Or at least that's just one scenario anyway. I usually daydream a less complicated version though XD.

4. "Phoenix Burn"  by Alpha Rev

This for Po's point of view and it's obviously to give my Tigress is Po's Phoenix fix. That's all I really need to say about it.

5. "She's Got a Way" by Billy Joel

This is for Po's point of view (obivously XD). This just a song I think is sweet and it's almost how I think Po feels about Tigress.

6. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" ( Nina Renditions of the Soul version) by Elton John

This for more of the TiPo audience's point of views. I just think it's sweet song and it has the word "warrior" in it.

7. "Catch Me" by Demi Lovato

This is for Tigress' point of view. This isn't really the best song for Tigress' point of view but it's still kind of close and I'm a sucker for Demi Lovato songs (Well at least before she left Sonny with a Chance but to be honest I haven't heard all of her post SWAC songs).

8. "I Do" by Colbie Caillat

This is for Tigress' point of view. This is a little bit out of character for Tigress, and the music doesn't really fit Tigress, and the song says too many "I dos" to my liking but I still like it and this is my list so I'll do whatever I please. There is also still some lyrics in this song that fit Tigress though if she was in this situation.

9. "Realize" by Colbie Caillat

Again, Tigress' point of view. I daydream a scenario of Tigress giving subtle hints that she's giving Po permission to court her but he's not taking the hints and she's sad because it's never if the person you care for doesn't feel it to.

10. "We Both Know" by Colbie Caillat

For both Po and Tigress' point of view. This is for the scenario that they are having couple troubles and go their separate ways to meditate on their core problems and see they are still worth it to each other. Plus I just like the song in general.

11. "Two Worlds Collide" by Demi Lovato

Both of their point of views as well as it being TiPo friendship. It would be a perfect song if they replaced the "shes" from the first verse to "he". Right now though, it has to refer to just only Tigress.

12. "Until You're Mine" by Demi Lovato

Tigress' point of view, I seem to like along from that view so far. Some parts are a little out of character for Tigress but not that many. Honestly though, I don't play this song that much so that's probably telling you something there.

13. "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Disney's Hercules

Tigress' point of view. This is definitely my top favorite TiPo songs in Tigress' point of view. All it needs is to be played by Chinese musical instruments and it would be perfect. I know it will neve happen but I can always dream.

14. "You are the Only One" by Emily Osment

Tigress' point of view (When is my list ever gonna go back to Po's?!). Honestly I don't know if I should picture this song for their friendhip or when they get a romantic relationship. I like the song either way.

15. "If the Moon Fell Down Tonight" by Chase Coy Ft. Colbie Caillat

Po and Tigress' point view. I think this song is very sweeet and I like to daydream of the scenario of their friendship and both of them just enjoying what have together as well as them being willing to wait right now.

16. "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz

This is in Po's point of view (Finally!). Anyway, I have to say this one of my top favorite songs for my TiPo daydreams in Po's point of view. I just think this would fit Po very well if he was in the situation. Plus it's a bonus that it fits with my headcanon that Po thinks that Tigress' eyes look like a sunset/sunrise. (Although my one gripe is the use of the Lord's name in vain thrice.)

17. "Love Can't Be Denied" from Disney's Frozen's deleted songs

Back to Tigress' point of view. Even though this was a deleted song and didn't even make it to the Frozen soundtrack, I still like the song (call me corny). Since Elsa is sorta similar to Tigress (except for the fact that Tigress steels her emotions way better than Elsa can) it would only make since this song would fit Tigress. Although the song is short unfortunately. I think the lyrics fit well with Tigress' fear of letting love in and eventually getting used to the idea.

18. "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson

Tigress' point of view. It's a good song but it not really in character for Po's part of the song so I don't really have it my top favorites. On Tigress' side I think it fits her nicely.

19. "Long Shot" by Kelly Clarkson

TiPo friendship in Tigress' point of view. This song is not really romantic it's more of what I picture how she sorta is when she is with Po and he comes up with a crazy idea while they're in a big battle. I still like it.

20. "I'm Still Holding Out For You" from Disney's Lady and the Tramp sequel's trailer for the dvd.

Tigress' point of view. Honestly, I picture this as more of a Shifu/Tigress father/daughter or at least the lack of their relationship. It could als be a good song for a headcanon Shifu's passing and Tigress dealing with it (notice how I didn't say "possible? I did it for you Firecat15 so don't comment about this!). This is about TiPo though. I picture this song as an AU song if Po stays in the Panda Village and Tigress is adjusting to his absence but still hoping he will come back one day.

21. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz Ft. Colbie Caillat

Po and Tigress' point of view. I honestly am leaning towards picturing the song with another KFP pairing but I still think it can fit Po and Tigress if they are courting and Tigress has to leave for a solo mission or something while Po has to stay at the Jade Palace.

22. "Please Don't Leave Me" by Pink

Tigress' point of view. I think the lyrics fit Tigres but I don't know if the scenario is better as a friendship or a romantic relationship. I can definitely see Tigress call Po her "perfect little punching bag"! XD

23. "Like I am" By Rascal Flatts

Po's point of view (yay! :dummy:). Country music doesn't really fit Po but I like Rascal Flatts and I think the lyrics fit Po and it's cute daydreaming with this music X3.

24. "You Might Think" (Weezers version) by the Cars

Po's point of view. Wow, two in a row. This is definitely another one of my top favorites songs for Po's point of view. The music fits him well, the lyrics fit Po well, and it does well for Tigress character as well. I honestly don't know why people hasn't done a fanfiction with Po singing this yet? The one fault in this is song is that it mentions movies and there were no movies in Ancient China and there's no breaking the fourth wall allowed for KFP movies in my book.

25. "Wouldn't Change a Thing" By Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Po and Tigress' point of view. Like I said before, I'm a sucker for Demi Lovato when she did Disney stuff. I honestly do think most of the lyrics fit well with Po and Tigress. However, if it was changed from "you're the harmony to every song I sing" and "I just want to let my music play" to " you're the harmony to my every kick and swing" and "I just want her to meet halfway" (or something that rhymes with play that sounds better) it would be perfect. It's still a Disney tv movie song so it's not that great of song for TiPo (they deserves better XD!)

26. "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts

Po and Tigress' point of view (although more of Tigress' than Po's). This kind of a cliche song to choose for these kind of pairings but I still like it it's just not in my top favorites.

27.  "What I Wanted to Say" by Colbie Caillat

Tigress' point of view. This song is kind of similiar to what "Realize" is for but this is fits better for Tigress.

28. "Feelings Show" by Colbie Caillat

Tigress' point of view. This is another of my top favorite songs for Tigress' point of view. I just think it fits her so well with her relationship with Po.

28. "The Idiot in Me" by Tracy Bonham

Tigress' point of view. I only have most of this song but I think it could fit Tigress. Although I have two problems with that full; one it has a cuss word in it, and it mentions karaoke as well as a mic and I don't really like my TiPo songs mentioning modern technology because I like it for the timeline in songs to be ambigious.

29. "The Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera from Karate Kid 2

Po's point of view. How could I not add a love song from a martial arts movie XD. I know this song may make Tigress seem weak but here me out. I picture him talking about her emotions "honor and her hero "emotionally". Anyway I just see this as one of those that play in Po's head but gets cut off by reality or something like that.

30. "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt

Tigress' point of view. This is not in my top favorties but this is my parent's song and I'm putting this up for that sake XD.

31. " You Get Me" by Talking Tom and Angela from Disney (I believe that's where it's from?)

Po and Tigress' point of view. If this song wasn't song by squeaking voices this probably would have made it in my top favorites but they are played by squeaking voices so this is just a song I like but not completely for TiPo.

32. "You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat
Tigress' point of view. This is another of top favorite songs in Tigress' point of view to listen. I just think the song is sweet and the lyrics fit Tigress well and Po's side of the song fits him well as well.

(Update 8/8/2015) 33. "Close Your Eyes" by Michael Buble

 Po's point of view but if this song were to be sung as a duet I would say both their views. I think this song is so sweet and fits with what Tigress is.

34. "I Choose You" by Sara Bareilles

Tigress' point of view. I think this song fits her and there's a part of the song that could fit the Yin and Yang concept.

35. "Must of Done Something Right" by Reliant K

 Po's point of view. Shout-out to Mu-Laohu from Tumblr for this song. I think this song fits Po really well only gripe I have is that they mention jerseys when they didn't have that in Ancient China. Still a good song though. 

(Update 8/10/2015) 36. "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles.

Tigress' point of view. I can just see Tigress go through this dilemma.

Wow, thirty-six songs! There was even a few I cut off because 2 of them mentioned modern technology and I don't why for the


I hope some people actually read this because it took me a while. If there's any songs I haven't heard that could fit TiPo let me know. If I end up  not liking the song it's not your fault, it's just I have a different taste of music than your's

Anyway, thank you anybody who read this and may God bless you all :wave:!


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